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Our recruitment processes identify core competencies in candidates which ensure the best fit for your organization, both in technical skills and cultural compatibility. Don's work, life and educational experience in screening ensure that your Ag candidates are authentic and credible. See an overview of our process below!

Career Development Consulting

Contact us for tips on how to advance your career! We're always happy to help with tips and insight. Contact Don at donp@p5consulting.com

The Recruitment Process

We have become successful by maintaining long term relationships. This relationship begins when we develop a fundamental understanding of your needs, your work environment and the unique challenges that will face the person you ultimately hire. Our success is reflected in the loyalty of our clients who turn to us each time they need to fill a key position. We have an extensive reference list to back that claim.

We have a significant advantage over other search firms in that we conduct a very detailed screening and reference verification before you are ever introduced to a potential candidate. Recent reports show that 90 - 95% of all resumes contain either false or exaggerated information. Our candidate interviewing skills and reference questioning processes are invaluable in weeding out those applicants that are not suited for your position, saving valuable time and money.

Another advantage we have is our existing candidate pool. We are networking constantly and in the process become familiar with many quality prospective candidates. These are candidates who are currently working within their professions and not subscribed to any job posting boards. These are individuals who are not readily known by search firms but who are prepared to assume new challenges and leadership positions. Our value is evident through all stages in the hiring process, beginning with understanding your needs.


Our process begins with having a thorough understanding of your organization and the open position. Our own experience within Agriculture and Civil Engineering assure us locating the best possible person for the job and for your organization.


We have built our reputation for success on a sound strategy for identifying, developing and presenting strong candidates for client review. Our strong candidate pool has been developed through years of serving both public and private sector organizations and developing new candidates through our extensive network of institutional contacts. Our marketing approach is directed, appealing and confidential.


Each candidate is first interviewed extensively - clarifying resume statements, ensuring skill and experience level, identifying the level of interest for the position, assessing their management/interpersonal communication style and personality. This process is designed to bring about direct and revealing answers from the candidates which is then measured against reference information obtained for consistency.


Clients are provided with the candidate's resume, support documents or project lists, reference summaries, and a list of suggested areas you may wish to cover in the interview based on strengths or weaknesses noted. We then schedule client interviews, assisting with interview preparation, if requested. After the interview, we immediately follow up with the candidates, bridge feedback and assess any issues that may affect hiring and then notify candidates who are not selected.


Once a final selection has been made, we serve as an intermediary to bring about agreement and facilitate closure. This may involve a variety of negotiations ranging from salary and benefits to relocation and even assisting the candidate with resignation arrangements and a relocation referral service. Through our own interview processes, we have support services in your area ready to offer relocation candidates information regarding housing, schools and area economic statistics. This can prove to be a valuable benefit in negotiating delicate matters without building tension between the two parties.


Because the success of the placement is of paramount importance, P5 Consulting Services follow ups with both the client and candidate at regular intervals to ensure satisfaction. Candidate guarantees are extended and summarized in our standard contract.

These valuable services are all included as part of the standard fee for service. If requested, P5 Consulting Services can facilitate background checks through a partnered agency, which will charge your company directly.

P5 Consulting Services, LLC
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